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Mount Putnam

Tribal Health Department

The mission of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribal Health and Human Services Department is to promote the physical and emotional wellness of Native Americans by providing the highest quality of health care.

Administration and Business Office
Tribal Health Administration provides oversight and assistance in regards to personnel issues, budgets, information systems and other issues which effect the department as a whole.  The Tribal Health Business Office bills third-party insurance in order to provide income to expand services provided to eligible patients (Contact number: 478 –3863). (Back To Top)

Cancer Navigator
Cancer navigators work with all patients who have cancer, help people with screening tests or symptoms that may indicate cancer.  They have training in helping people with their health care.  Clients meet with the navigator to help make decisions and solve problems in their cancer journeys (Contact number: 238-5435).
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Contract Health Services
Contract Health Services was contracted by the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes on 9/30/98.  The CHS program is a resource of last resort. Approval for service is contingent upon the availability of funds, CHS eligibility, current level of medical priority, and availability of alternate resources.  Federal regulations require that all alternative resources be exhausted prior to the use of Contract Health Service.  Patients may be required to apply for an alternate resource if it appears one is available.  Eligible individuals include:  enrolled members of the Shoshone-Bannock tribes (or their minor dependent children and/or Indian spouse) living on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation or in the adjacent counties.  Descendants of the Shoshone Bannock Tribes (Indian spouse and/or minor child) residing within the Fort Hall Indian Reservation boundaries or an Enrolled member of any federally recognized tribe (Indian spouse and/or minor child) residing on reservation for at least 180 days.  Non-Indian or non-CHS eligible Indian female pregnant with a CHS eligible male’s child (Contact number: 238—5421).
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Counseling and Family Services
Eligible patients are anyone eligible for direct services and registered at the local IHS clinic.  Services offered are: individual, couples, child and family therapy.  Psychological evaluations, psychiatric consultations, case management, 24 hour crisis intervention, group therapy (anger management, parent-child interaction), medical social work, education and prevention services and a child assessment team.  All Counseling and Family Services clientele may expect the highest level of professional integrity and ethical behavior form our staff.  They may also trust that in providing these services, staff will treat them with the utmost dignity and respect.  All contacts with our staff are confidential and protected by the Federal Privacy Act.  Counseling and Family Services staff honor and respect Native American beliefs and healing practices (Contact number: 237—5631).
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Community Health Nursing
Community Health Nursing consists of the Maternal Child Health,  and Public Health Nursing programs.   Services available:  Pediatric Clinic, Women’s Clinic, Immunizations, Prenatal and Postpartum Education, Health, Home Visits, Discharge Planning, Elderly Surveillance, (Contact number: 238—5435). (Back To Top)

Community Health Representatives
 Eligible patients are individuals eligible for direct services at the local IHS clinic who reside within the boundaries of the reservation.  Chronically ill patients living in town might be transported if going to the IHS clinic.   Transportation will be provided to and from place of pickup.  The CHR’s are not allowed to transport patients for purposes unrelated to medical services.  CHR’s do not pick up clients from hospital emergency rooms without specific prior authorization from the CHR manager or designee.  CHR’s are the Transporter of last resort.  Family, neighbors, friends, and other resources should be accessed before calling the CHR’s for transportation.  Dialysis and other chronically ill patients will receive top priority for CHR transportation services.  CHR’s do not transport prisoners, intoxicated or abusive clients/patients.  The CHR program also oversees the Health Educators who provide vital community outreach and education.  Exercise classes, car seats, CPR training and other services are provided by the Health Educators. (Contact number:  478—3968) (Back To Top)

Diabetes Program
The goals of the diabetes program are to promote good nutrition and exercise among all age groups, emphasize the role of good nutrition and exercise in diabetes, improve glycemic control through provision of glucometers, strips, and lancets, reduce the incident of permanent loss of eyesight through provision of glasses to eligible patients who have diabetes, reduce foot complications through provision of diabetic shoes to eligible patients, and to reduce the impact of periodontal disease through provision of dentures and partials to eligible patients (Contact number: 238-5435). (Back To Top)

Four Directions Treatment Centerand Native Youth Visions
Eligible patients are those patients who are registered at the local IHS clinic and are eligible for direct care services.  Inpatient addiction treatment is offered as well as outpatient and recovery support services.  Individual counseling sessions are offered as well as groups of: Relapse Prevention, Women’s Group, Men’s Group, Alcohol and Drug Education Class, DUI Education Class, and 12 Step Group.  Treatment is provided in a culturally appropriate manner.
Native Youth Visions offers Assessments, Counseling, Prevention, Aftercare and Referrals to treatment centers.  The groups offered are: Better Days, Parent/Youth Group, and Native Pride (Contact number:  478—3993).
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Recreation coordinates a large variety of basketball and baseball tournaments offered throughout the year.  Computer room access and Boy’s & Girl’s clubs are offered, as well as youth programs during the summer.  Daily access to a variety of exercise equipment and facilities are also available.  The facility is frequently used by the community for Pow-wows and special events (Contact number: 478—3770). (Back To Top)

Social Services
Offers a variety of services to assist families and children.  The mission of the Social Services Program is to provide comprehensive and culturally relevant services to meet the financial, social, and emotional needs of individuals, families and children.  The overall goal of the Social Services Program is to protect the safety and well-being of children and youth and promote self-sufficiency.  Services offered include:  General Assistance, Supervised Accounts,  Child Protection, Welfare Checks, Indian Child Welfare, Foster Care, Home Studies, and the Child Protection Team (Contact number: 478—3863). (Back To Top)

Victims of Crime Assistance offers 24-hour crisis intervention, shelter, community advocate, advocacy at court, education, support groups and individual counseling.  It is designed to work in conjunction with local law enforcement.  The advocates provide immediate support and information for victims at the secured scene of a domestic dispute.  The advocate will ensure that the primary and any secondary victims have the opportunity to make safe choices (Contact number:  478—3991).
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WIC is a supplemental nutrition program for Women, Infants and Children.  WIC providers healthy foods (like milk, eggs, cheese, cereal, etc.), health screenings, health and nutrition information,  registered dietitian assistance, breast feeding information and support at no cost to eligible families (Contact number: 238-5435).
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