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“Overseeing the Protection of People, Facilities, and the Environment”

Phone – (208) 237-0137

The Department of Public Safety is responsible to protect the Fort Hall Indian Reservation from natural, technological, and manmade incidents that threaten the jurisdiction with the potential to escalate into devastating and life threatening situations.


  • Implements all phases of emergency management by providing leadership, planning, training, and establishing efficient response capabilities to ensure the protection of life, property and the environment.


  • Coordinates the development and response of the Tribal emergency response organization, ensuring that the appropriate Tribal and non-Tribal resources are made available to support the needs of the impacted area through the Emergency Operations Center.


  • Coordinates and integrates with Federal, State and local Governments, voluntary organizations, and the private sector to implement; mitigation, planning, preparedness, response, and recovery activities. 


The Department of Public Safety develops and implements programs to increase awareness about threats and hazards, planning activities, and provides an extensive array of specialized training for emergency responders and Tribal officials.  The department is responsible to comply with and implement all National Homeland Security initiatives on behalf of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes.

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