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The Fort Hall Business Council is the governing body of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes. The council was established under the tribes' Constitution·& Bylaws, which was approved by the tribes and ratified by the federal government in 1937 under the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934.

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To request a meeting with the council please click here and email form to cibroncho@sbtribes.com or fax to 208-237-0797.

Serving as a Fort Hall Business Council member is a full time, paid position. The duties of the council include the oversight of governmental services and economic development on the reservation; negotiating with federal, state and local government officials on all activities affecting the tribes, the reservation and the tribes' off-reservation treaty areas; managing tribal lands and overseeing law enforcement and the judicial system on the reservation.

In recent years, the primary focus of the Council has been overseeing the growth of the tribes' businesses; protecting the tribes' off-reservation treaty rights; asserting the tribes' jurisdictional authority; enacting tribal laws to ensure protection of reservation land, water and air and human health; strengthening public safety; promoting wellness; expanding its tribal farming operations and marketing the reservation's Famous Potatoes. Each member is also assigned to meet regularly with one of the five reservation districts to provide information and to obtain feedback on the activities of the council.

Chairman Blaine Edmo - Mr. Edmo has served for seven terms on the Council in the capacity as Chairman to council member. Edmo is currently the district representative of Ross Fork district. Edmo graduated from Blackfoot high school and attended the University of Idaho and Idaho State University. He has obtained a Paralegal certification from Oakland, California and has an official Horse Racing Official certification. Edmo’s areas of focus range from tribal courts, water rights, treaty rights, natural resources, jurisdiction, protection and preservation of tribal land base, tribal economic diversity, public safety, language preservation, tribal history and improvement of health care for our community.

Prior to serving council, Mr. Edmo worked as a Tribal Prosecutor, Trial Judge, Chief Judge and Court Administrator for various tribal governments ranging from the Shoshone-Paiute, the Te-moak band, the Fort McDermitt Tribe and Fallon band all of Nevada, the Northern Ute of Fort Duchesne in Utah, and the Jicarilla Apache in New Mexico. Mr. Edmo was raised in Ross Fork district by his parents Kesley and Maxine Racehorse-Edmo. In his spare time, Blaine enjoys the outdoors sports such as hunting and fishing, he also enjoys pari-mutuel horse racing. Blaine has one daughter, December Ariwite and two grandchildren. Blaine can be reached by email at bedmo@sbtribes.com

Darrell ShayVice Chairman - Darrell Shay – Mr. Shay is serving on Council. More information about Darrell will be coming soon.


Secretary Marcus Coby - is a lifelong resident of the Fort Hall District and currently resides in Gibson District of the Fort Hall Reservation. Coby is serving his first term on the Fort Hall Business Council, 2015-2016. Prior employment included with the Tribes Fisheries department and the Idaho Supplementation Study, Fort Hall Casino (1995-2005) in the Security, surveillance and maintenance departments. From 2005-2014, Coby worked within the Tribes Law Enforcement department with Corrections (FLETC certified), Patrol and Criminal Investigator and also the Fish & Game department. Marcus is married to Amanda Teton-Coby and has 9 kids and 8 grandchildren. Marcus brothers are Keno “spud” Coby and Alonzo “Punkin” Coby (former FHBC Chairman). Marcus can be reached by email at mcoby@sbtribes.com


Tino Batt Treasurer Tino Batt- Mr. Batt had been leading the Festival Committee just prior to elections. He has served several terms within the Fort Hall Business Council in the past. More information about Tino Batt will be coming soon, but for now he can be emailed at tbatt@sbtribes.com .

Sargeant-at-Arms - LeeJuan Tyler – Mr. Tyler is serving his sixth term on Council. He is active in traditional and ceremonial ways of our people on the reservation and is frequently called upon to provide prayers and songs at local ceremonies and events. Tyler is a fluent Shoshone speaker and is in support of revitalizing our Shoshone and Bannock languages.

Tyler serves as the Tribes’ representative on the following committees: the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Regional Tribal Operations Committee (RTOC), the Tribal Science Council (TSC) which is under the umbrella of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to further tribal environmental objectives and to protect our ecosystems for future generations, as well, Tyler is an active member of the Upper Snake River Tribes Foundation (USRT) that consists of some of the Snake River Tribes. Tyler is the proud dad of one daughter and resides in the Fort Hall district. Lee Juan can be reached by email at ltyler@sbtribes.com


Council member Darrell Dixey - Mr. Dixey is serving his third term on Council. Prior to serving on the council, he worked for the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes Transportation department as a heavy equipment operator and truck driver. Dixey was raised in the 'Bottoms' aboriginal territory in the heart of Fort Hall with his grandparents, Harold & Lucy George and spoke fluent Shoshone up until second grade. Dixey attended public school in Blackfoot and worked for his Uncle Richard & Mary Dixey's ranch in the Gibson district.

He is owner of "Darrell Dixey Construction" specializing in plumbing, water and sewer. Prior employment projects include the current IHS clinic, Blackhawk road and the old Railroad Credit Union bank. ln Dixey’s spare time he enjoys spending time with his grandchildren and messing with his horse, Naughty Pine. Darrell is a lifelong resident of the Gibson district. Darrell can be reached by email at dadixey@sbtribes.com


Council member Donna Bollinger - is a lifelong resident of Fort Hall District and is serving her first term on the council (2015-2016). Prior to working with the Tribes, Donna was the Human Resources Director at the Shoshone-Bannock Hotel & Event Center. Donna has a combined history of 30 years working with the Tribes in Accounting, TERO, Gaming, Sho-Ban high school board and the hotel.

Donna is married to Tribal member and has a combined family of six daughters, one son and 12 grandkids with 1 on the way and 2 brothers and sisters. In Donna’s sparetime she enjoys watching her grandchildren in sports and other activities and spending time with family and friends. Donna will be representing the Lincoln Creek District this year, 2015-2016. Donna can be reached by email at dbollinger@sbtribes.com

Fort Hall Business Council of 1976

Left to Right: Willis Dixey, Snookins Honena, Diane Fisher, Lionel Boyer, LaNada Boyer, Gilbert Teton, Kelsey Edmo - Photo courtesy of LaNada Boyer


Early Fort Hall Business Council

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