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Miss Shoshone Bannock – 2010-2011

Cola K. Boyer 47 th ANNUAL MISS SHOSHONE-BANNOCK QUEEN 2010-2011 Cola is twenty-two years old and an enrolled member of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes. She is the daughter of Devon and Lisa Boyer and the oldest of three siblings whom she admires and adores greatly. Cola was born and raised on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation and moved to Washington State when she was sixteen years old. She is very proud of her political and spiritual ancestors on both sides of her family which has encouraged her to follow in their strong pathways. Cola’s strong and loving relationship with her family has helped her succeed and stay focus on her endeavors and most importantly practicing her traditional and cultural values to stay well-grounded. Cola believes that being a young Native American woman in today’s society is considerably hard. “We are not given the recognition we deserve and I would like to encourage all Native American women to push for what you believe in, keep your head up, and accomplish all your goals. Being a strong Native American woman is a statement I want to make and something that I strongly and fully believe in. I also believe that you should always give what you do a 110% and no less.” This has lead Cola to accomplish a lot throughout her young life. She was cheerleading captain in high school for three years, Associated Student Body President, Hugh O’ Brien Ambassador and Student Leader, Class Representative, and an EverGreen Girls State Representative for her high school. In college she is a criminal justice member, Native American Student Association member, Vice President, and Powwow Coordinator. Previous royalty titles held include, Indian Day Princess, Mountain View Middle School Queen, Miss Northwest Indian Youth Conference, and Western Idaho Powwow Princess. Academic achievements include the Washington Internship for Native Students Program in Washington DC in working for the Department of Agriculture. As the current 47 th Annual Miss Shoshone-Bannock Queen she has a prestigious opportunity to travel and speak all over the country representing the Shoshone-Bannock People and setting an example for all Native American people. Presently, through her college education department at Eastern Washington University, Cola will be documenting her journey as Miss Shoshone-Bannock Queen; which will include the competition process from beginning to end and the preparation for vying for the title. The results will be given to Eastern Washington University’s Indian Studies Department and the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes to show that anything can be done if you believe in yourself and have the support from your family, friends, sponsors, peers, advisors, and community.

Cola’s long range goals are to graduate college with her degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on American Indian Studies and Communication. After completion of her undergraduate studies, she plans on attending Law School in Portland, Oregon for the next three years and returning back to her community of the Fort Hall Indian Reservation in Idaho as a full-time tribal attorney. Cola’s platform while Miss Shoshone-Bannock Queen is Higher Education, “Education is the key to success.” Promoting education to all Native American people no matter what the age is an important message Cola would like to express when it comes to achieving dreams in today’s society. This commonly strong statement is something that she lives and thrives on every day. The statement can be interpretive in many ways that it has had a huge impact on her life and reminds her daily to reach her goals and do the best in everything. This is her message to all tribal youth and Indigenous people. One of Cola’s favorite quotes: “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” John F. Kennedy

Shoshone-Bannock Festival Royalty Committee Post Office Box 306 Fort Hall, Idaho 83203 | 2010 -2011
Miss Shoshone-Bannock RoyaltyPageant
Miss Shoshone-Bannock Queen: Cola Boyer
Parents: Devon & Lisa Boyer
Education: Eastern Washington University in Cheney, WA
Titles held: NWIYC Queen, Western Idaho Powwow Princess, Indian Day Princess, Mt. View Middle
School Queen, 2008-2009 Miss Sho-Ban 1st attendant
Traditional Dish: Sunflower pudding, mint tea
Style of Dance: Traditional dance
Talent: Storytelling
Business sponsor(s): Tangled Roots Dance Studio, Spokane, WA

1st Attendant: Tadraschell Murray
Parents: Diane Moss & Tad Murray
Education: Blackfoot High 2007; ISU child development degree
Titles held: Miss BHS Queen, 2009-2010 Miss Sho-Ban 2nd attendant
Traditional Dish: steaks on rocks in open pit
Style of Dance: Traditional dance
Talent: singing ‘Butterfly song’
Business sponsor(s): Mary Kay, Pocatello

2 nd Attendant: Fawn Littlejohn
Parents: Debra Tendore & Eliot Littlejohn Sr.
Education: Sho-Ban High School
Titles held: Former Miss Sho-Ban High School Queen, Miss JR Princess
Traditional Dish: chokecherry pudding, mint tea
Style of Dance: Traditional dance
Talent: Beadwork
Business sponsor(s): Vickers Western Store, Pocatello & Half-Moon Designs, Pocatello