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2015 Festival Royalty Winners

2015 Indian Relay Winners

2015 Golf and Softball Winners

2015 Skatejam Winners

52nd Annual Shoshone-Bannock Tribes Festival - August 6-9, 2015

Fort Hall Pow Wow grounds

Added features for this year’s powwow include: FREE Wi-Fi and an ATM machine!!!

The ATM will be placed near the “Information Window” located on the S. Side of the Announcers Building. This location provides for adequate lighting and power source. Please let family & friends know to come out & enjoy our largest outdoor cultural powwow!


Reeves Nawoosky was the Recreation Director in 1964 and after a successful summer of recreation activities, he scheduled a year end celebration. The Celebration included a Miss Shoshone-Bannock Queen Contest and other activities. The event was popular so a larger event was planned for 1965. Later in the years it has moved down to its current location. The Shoshone Bannock Tribes have been recognized as the best beaders in North America.

Today the Shoshone-Bannock Indian Festival is sponsored the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes, which is unique because of the various activities that are in conjunction with the event, which includes: softball tournaments, golf tournaments, rodeos, Indian relay horse racing, art shows, parades, traditional handgame tournaments, indigenous children’s games, community buffalo & salmon feast, fun-run, and much more. 

All events are open to the public to attend and view which some of the events have minimal fees to attend or view which generate revenue to supplement the whole event.  From that time the festival Shoshone-Bannock has grown to its current size. It will continue to grow as the 50th Celebration and beyond.

52nd Annual Shoshone-Bannock Festival Event Contacts

Festival Coordinator:            Dustina Abrahamson            (208) 339-6996        Email: forthallfestival@gmail.com
Vendor Coordinator:            Alana Baldwin                       (208) 221-7412        Email: abaldwin@sbtribes.com
Jamie Farmer                 (208) 339-8208        Email: ndnroper23@yahoo.com

Royalty Coordinator:            Rose Ann Abrahamson        (208) 223-1504        Email: sbrcommittee@gmail.com
Parade Coordinator:             Leela Abrahamson               (208) 705-2873        Email: leelaabrahamson@gmail.com
Willow Abrahamson                                                 Email: willow.abrahamson@gmail.com

Rodeo Coordinator:              Anna Bowers                         (208) 705-2886        Email: anna.bowers.54@facebook.com
Mary ‘Chix’ Washakie           (208) 680-0138        Email: chixwashakie@hotmail.com

Art Show Coordinator:         Lacey Abrahamson               (208) 680-2750        n/a
Feast Coordinator:                Annie Marshall          (208) 681-6980        Email: jmarshall@sbth.nsn.us
Softball &
Golf Tournament &
Skate Jam:                              Ft. Hall Recreation           (208) 478-3775        Email: ekniffin@sbtribes.com

Hand Game Tournament:    Bobby Pevo                           (208) 850-6203        Email: bobptevo7@gmail.com

Indian Relay Association      Wanda Appenay                   (208) 220-3012        n/a

2015 Festival Powwow Information, Contest Categories & Prizes

Grand Entries

August 6th, Thursday – 7pm Children & Veterans Recognition powwow (warm-up night)
August 7th, Friday – 7 pm (contest points start)
August 8th, Saturday – 1 pm & 7 pm
August 9th, Sunday – 2 pm

Dance & Singing Registration Open

Thursday, August 6th @ 6 pm – 10 pm 
Friday, Aug. 7th @ 11 am – 10 pm

Contest Categories

Adults/Golden Age/Super Seniors Prize Money: 1st $1,000 & Jacket, 2nd $800, 3rd $600, 4th $400, 5th $200

Adult Categories
Men’s War Bonnet (18+)
Women’s Southern Cloth & Buckskin (18-54)
Men’s Southern Straight (18-54)

Jr. Adult Women & Men (18-34) Categories
No. Traditional, Jingle & Fancy Shawl
No. Traditional, Grass, Fancy Feather & Prairie Chicken/Round Bustle

Sr. Adult Women & Men (35-54) Categories
No. Traditional, Jingle & Fancy Shawl
No. Traditional, Grass, Fancy Feather & Prairie Chicken/Round Bustle

Golden Age Women & Men (55-69) Categories
No./So. Traditional (combined) & Fancy Shawl/Jingle (combined)
No./So. Traditional (combined) & Fancy Feather/Grass (combined)

Women & Men Super Seniors (70+) Categories
Women Categories Combined
Men Categories Combined

Teens Categories (13-17) - 1st $500 & Jacket, 2nd $400, 3rd $300, 4th $200, 5th $100
Boys: Traditional, Grass & Fancy
Girls: Traditional, Jingle & Fancy

Juniors Categories (7-12) - 1st $250 & Jacket, 2nd $200, 3rd $150, 4th $100, 5th $75
Boys: Traditional, Grass & Fancy
Girls: Traditional, Jingle & Fancy


Singing/Drumming Contest: (Singers bring your own chairs)
1st $10,000 & 10 Champion Jackets, 2nd $8,000, 3rd $6,000, 4th $4,000, 5th $2,000
(Singers bring your own chairs)

Drum Day Pay to the first 10 registered drums (must have 5 singers, NO drum hopping allowed) (Singers bring your own chairs)

Special Dance Categories:

Owl Dance Contest (18+)                           1st $300, 2nd $200, 3rd $100
Owl Dance Contest (17 & Under)            1st $150, 2nd $100, 3rd $50
Team Dance (18+)                                        1st $500, 2nd $300, 3rd $200
Team Dance (17 & Under)                         1st $300, 2nd $200, 3rd $100


Miss Shoshone-Bannock LI Tadraschell Murray Women’s Shell Dress Special (18+)
Over $1000 will be awarded in cash & prizes, sponsored by family & friends.  

Teen Girls Fancy Shawl Special (13-17) in honor of the outgoing 2014-2015 Festival Princess Onteria Arrow White. Over $2000 cash and prizes will be awarded: 1st Place $1000.00.

Girls Fancy Shawl Special (ages 4-7) in honor of outgoing 2014-2015 Festival Future Princess Gabrielle Appenay. Five (5) winners will be awarded cash prize & gifts. Sponsored by family & friends.

Tiny Tot Girls All-Around Dance Special (Ages 0-6) in honor of Outgoing 2014-2015 Festival Tzi Tzi Princess LorenAnn Hooper. Over $1000 in cash & prizes to be awarded. Sponsored by the Hooper Family & friends.

Golden Age, Adults, Teens & Junior Jingle Special (winners to be selected in each category) -   in honor of the outgoing 2014-2015 Festival Tzi Tzi Princess LorenAnn Hooper. Sponsored by family & friends.

“Keeping Traditions Alive” Men’s Fancy Feather Special (Ages 16 & up) In honor of Nakeezaka “Breaks the Belt” Suloostu Jack. Over $2000 in cash & prizes to be awarded. Sponsored by the Abrahamson & Jack Family.

Click here to take a 360 Virtual Tour of the Shoshone-Bannock Festival Arbor, Vendors Booths, Grand Entry & 3 audio tracks >

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