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Visit us on Facebook! 50th Anniversary Powwow Results (2013)

Congratulations to Tribal member Ms. Taylor Thomas of Fort Hall for being crowned 2014-2015 Miss Indian World! To book Ms. Thomas contact MIW pageant Melonie Matthews at 505-836-2810 or email melonie@gonmail.com


Reeves Nawoosky was the Recreation Director in 1964 and after a successful summer of recreation activities, he scheduled a year end celebration. The Celebration included a Miss Shoshone-Bannock Queen Contest and other activities. The event was popular so a larger event was planned for 1965. Later in the years it has moved down to its current location. The Shoshone Bannock Tribes have been recognized as the best beaders in North America.

Today the Shoshone-Bannock Indian Festival is sponsored the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes, which is unique because of the various activities that are in conjunction with the event, which includes: softball tournaments, golf tournaments, rodeos, Indian relay horse racing, art shows, parades, traditional handgame tournaments, indigenous children’s games, community buffalo & salmon feast, fun-run, and much more. 

All events are open to the public to attend and view which some of the events have minimal fees to attend or view which generate revenue to supplement the whole event.  From that time the festival Shoshone-Bannock has grown to its current size. It will continue to grow as the 50th Celebration and beyond.


Buh’nah (Greetings)

My name is Rose Ann Abrahamson, and I am the newly appointed Shoshone-Bannock Festival Coordinator for the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes. I have dedicated my efforts this year, in memory of my paternal grandfather Willie George, who was a tribal leader, a cultural leader, a world traveler, and a performer for the Buffalo Bill Wild West Shows and the 101 Miller Ranch. He was ardent in preserving the cultural life ways and traditions of the Shoshone-Bannock people, wherefore; he coordinated parades, dances, and numerous cultural events at the Gibson Eagle Lodge. According to Reeves Nawoosky (1964 Recreation Director), he had sought out my grandfather for his advice and guidance to develop the first Shoshone-Bannock Festival, and in doing so, these events paved the way for what now is the present day Festival.

Today, the Festival is a thrilling Native American cultural exposition, with a myriad of exciting venues, and distinguished as one of the top hundred places to visit in the United States. I am very excited about the venues planned for the 2014 Festival, and on behalf of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes, I extend a special invitation to you to attend this premiere gathering, held here in the state of Idaho. The Shoshone-Bannock Festival has a myriad of venues to experience. The venues include celebrated host drumming groups, International competition powwow dancing and singing contests, cultural feast, traditional games/activities, parade, sports events, cultural crafts, contemporary arts, exhibits, traditional and contemporary foods walkways, traditional royalty presentation, the Jr./Sr. Rodeo and the prominent and spectacular INFR Tour Rodeo.

In addition, the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes is also renowned for establishing the ever popular National Indian Relay Races competition, and this sensational and breathtaking event will be held during 2014 Shoshone Bannock Festival. These exhilarating races bring large audiences and fans. The Shoshone Bannock Festival will also be hosting and presenting tribes from throughout the United States and Canada to attend or participate in each performing arena. Champions, from the best of the best will be performing to share an exciting and colorful myriad of cultures.

Bring your families to experience this amazing and extraordinary display of Native America at its finest!
Oose! (Thank you!)

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Festival Coordinator: Rose Ann Abrahamson (208) 339-6996 (208) 339-6996 Email: roseabrahamson@yahoo.com
Powwow Coordinator: Dustina Abrahamson (208) 339-6996 (208) 339-6996 - ndngirl_19@yahoo.com
Arena Director: Bart Powaukee, Nez Perce/N.Ute, Fort Duchesne, Utah
Local Arena Director: Joseph High Eagle Baldwin, Shoshone-Bannock, Fort Hall, Idaho
Head Drum Judge: Dan Nanamkin, Nez Perce, Nespelem, Washington
Sound System: Bear Sound - Jerry Bear, Skull Valley, Utah

Vendor Coordinator: Alana Baldwin (208) 221-7412 (208) 221-7412 abaldwin@sbtribes.com
Royalty Coordinator: Naivitsi Yabenay (208) 680-3985 sbrcommittee@gmail.com
Parade Coordinator: Sunni Big Day (208) 847-5067  sunnibigday@gmail.com
Rodeo Coordinator: Anna Bowers  (954) 804-3349  anna.bowers.54@facebook.com
Art Show Coordinator: Emma George (208) 223-0517 emmalou_george@yahoo.com
Softball & Golf Tournament: Ft. Hall Recreation (208) 478-3770
Hand Game Tournament: Danielle Perkins or Rachel Hall (Casino) (800) 497-4231 (800) 497-4231 Ext: 3026
Traditional Feast: Virginia Bache-Mendez (reference feast) 208-339-6996

Click to view: Flyers - Specials - Tournaments - Events

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