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Absolutely No Alcohol on the Premises!


2015 Shoshone-Bannock Indian Festival Hand Game Tournament



  1. Once registration has closed you may not add or change players on registration from.
  2. When hiding under scarf one hand must be showing. (out of scarf)
  3. Kick Stick will be allowed.
  4. Pointers- can be anyone on the team. The pointers must let the other team know who is going to point before the hider’s hide.
  5. No motioning or fake guessing.
  6. NO thumb pointing.
  7. Once the bones are hidden; you cannot go back under. When guessed you must show both bones!
  8. You can hold off on the last stick.
  9. No bone hopping.
  10. Doubling of bones will result in FORFEIT of bones only!!!
  11. NO verbal or physical fighting.
  12. All players must be ready to play at the beginning of game. You must start with everyone on your roster. If you do not have all your players on your team after a 10 minute grace period, your team will be disqualified!
  13. The Hand Game committee will have the final objective say if needed during any conflict.
  14. The team captain must inform all members of their team of the rules of the tournament.
  15. Any team members found under the influence of alcohol/drugs will be asked to leave and escorted by security. The player will be disqualified from the tournament.
  16. The Fort Hall Indian Reservation is a dry reservation and the possession/consumption of alcohol and drugs is a violation of the Shoshone-Bannock Law and Order Code and will result in the arrest and jail imprisonment and/or fines



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