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The Fort Hall Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) District was established by resolution on May 14, 1998.

The Fire and EMS District responds to all fire/EMS related incidents within the 544,000 acres of the reservation; all fire/EMS calls are handled from units stationed at the Fort Hall station.

Phone - (208) 478-3782 or (208) 478-3784

The EMS district is licensed by the State of Idaho as a basic life support (BLS) ambulance provider.

The ambulance crew consists of two chief officers, three shift captains, 15 shift firefighter/emergency medical technicians, three apprentices and three paid call. With the exception of the apprentices, all crew members are licensed basic or advanced EMTs.

Services include but are not limited to patient assessment, treatment and transport. Every call is treated as a potential emergency. EMS makes contact with the Portneuf Medical Center Communication Center to confirm need for transport, viability and resuscitation of patients. EMTs also provide updates on patient status to the Communications Center during transport. The EMTs may request Life Flight based on the severity of the call, location or, in the case of automobile accidents, if there are ejections.

Services are provided to all residents of the Fort Hall Reservation, visitors and travelers passing through the reservation. In addition to medical emergencies, the FH Fire & EMS District provides necessary services to the Fort Hall Casino, Justice Center and community events.

The ambulance response district's interface with other jurisdictions is outlined in a memorandum of understanding between Bingham, Bannock and Power counties; the fire truck and rescue unit respond to vehicle accidents to provide fire protection and extrication. These units will also respond to medical emergencies to provide extra manpower when moving the sick and injured from difficult situations.

The fire district started a firefighter apprenticeship program with the help of TERO. This program is designed to train tribal members to become firefighters/EMTs.

The fire district has adopted the 2009 International Fire Code (IFC) and has an ongoing smoke detector and home fire safety kit installation program. The district has many fire prevention programs in place to help reduce the potential of home fires and defensible space for homes in the Wildland Urban Interface areas. The fire district personnel do year round fire pre-planning and fire inspections of buildings within the reservation boundaries.

It is a priority of the fire district to maintain current and up to date EMS, fire and haz-mat training; this has been accomplished through on-duty classes taught by certified instructors within the fire district, thereby saving training budget expenses. All fire personnel are trained to the firefighter 1 certification, seven personnel are firefighter II level and three personnel are firefighter III and working on associates degrees in fire science. All personnel are haz-mat technician trained.

The future goals of the Fort Hall Fire and EMS District are to become a paramedic ambulance response unit and to build a second fire station out in Arbon Valley to increase the capabilities for the Fire and EMS District to better cover the residents of and visitors to the reservation.

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